The No B.S., (Cliche-Free) Ultimate GUIDE to SELLING BOOKS With Social Media!

Michael Rogan, founder of Self Pub Nation™ and author of more than 35 books,  shares the shortcuts, strategies and schedules for marketing your books on Twitter, Facebook, PinterestGoodReads, and beyond!

Get Yer Social Media Blueprint (for the PRICE of a BURRITO!) 
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You’ll Learn:

  • The BEST (and WORST) times for posting your message on social media (and how to schedule it all in advance)
  • The EXACT templates I use to churn out tweets, posts, pins, and updates (in seconds)
  • How to build HYPER-RESPONSIVE TRIBES of would-be readers (without doing a damn bit of work)
  • The dirt-cheap tools and resources I use to sell more, work less, and buy "Limited-Edition" Silver Age comic books!


Michael Rogan

About the Author

Michael Rogan is a former cubicle monkey who wrote 35 books - including "How to Write a Book That Doesn't Suck (and Will Actually Sell)" - and uses social media ONLY when he wants to sell books. #StillCantStandFacebook